YouTube Will Lift Violation Warnings Off a Creator if They Attend an Educational Course

YouTube is making constant upgrades on its platforms. 

On 29 August, the social media platform released yet another update regarding user violations of their community guidelines.

The update states that if a content creator receives a violation warning, YouTube will lift that warning if the creator is willing to undertake an educational course that deals with the reason why the creator received the warning in the first place.

YouTube Wants To Help Creators Understand Their Policies Better

YouTube introduced its Community Guidelines during the early days of the launch of the social media platform and ever since, these guidelines have served as the backbone of the community of millions of creators online.

These community guidelines help maintain a boundary, fostering a healthy environment among millions of creators from all over the world and the global audience.

According to YouTube, almost 80% of content creators who receive warnings never repeat the same mistakes.

Although YouTube has stressed the importance of its guidelines multiple times, they still want to make things easier for creators to avoid getting warnings from the platform.

Educational Courses to Avoid Warnings

YouTube understands how frustrating it can be for creators to get banned from the channel, be it temporary or permanent.

Especially for creators who run businesses through the YouTube Partner Program, a temporary ban from the platform will jeopardize their entire posting schedule, which is not at all good for their business.

This new policy entails that if a content creator receives a warning from YouTube, the creator will be offered an educational course on that particular issue so that it becomes crystal clear for the person to understand what went wrong in the first place.

Upon completion of the course, the warning will be lifted from the user’s account, provided the user does not repeat the same mistake within 90 days of course completion.

However, if the user repeats the same mistake within that 90-day period, the video in question will be removed and the user will receive a strike on the channel.

Violating the same guidelines after 90 days will result in the removal of the video and a chance to take the course once again. 

YouTube also mentioned that regular offenders will be refrained from taking multiple courses.

The Guidelines Will Not Change

Previously, YouTube would issue a lifetime warning to a creator.

Now the platform has clearly mentioned that they are offering multiple chances so that content creators can avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

However, there will be no changes in the community guidelines which remain the same as before.

If a user receives three strikes within 90 days, the channel will still be banned from the platform, resulting in termination.

Just as before, if the content of a post is severe or extreme in nature, then also the channel will be banned from the platform.

YouTube is one of the largest social media platforms in the world hosting millions of creators on their platform with billions of viewers around the world.

Managing such a vast majority of content on the platform is not easy and the community guidelines act as a shield that protects the entire ecosystem, which gives them a good reason to make sure everyone adheres to them.

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