YouTube Released AI Ad Solutions to Reach Gen Z, Amid Loss

By Palak Sharma
Published on April 28, 2023
YouTube: Growing as a podcast platform. Source: Sportico.com

From education to entertainment, YouTube is Gen Z’s favorite go-to app. In a recent blog on its official newsroom, the Alphabet/Google-owned platform announced music-ad solutions for advertisers to reach Gen Z.

Google discussed its success in keeping the famous “Coachella,” one of the largest music festivals celebrated in California, live throughout.

“Coachella is one of music’s largest stages. For those unable to make it to the desert in person, YouTube was the place to keep up with the festival live — whether they were hosting a streaming watch party with friends, catching up with behind-the-scenes Shorts footage, or listening on the go from their phone.”

With more than 100 million songs in its library and customized versions in more than 100 countries and 80 languages, YouTube Music continues to give its users a wide range of ways to enjoy music.

Keeping Gen Z and their interests in a loop, YouTube attracts a large audience from this generation, some solely on the basis of music.

It gets difficult for advertisers to track their target Gen Z Audience as they keep switching between different types of content.

Also, the recent Alphabet earning call concluded a fall in YouTube Ad revenue by 2.6%. Allegedly the reason for the decline was advertisers leaving the site because of the uncertain economy.

Source – Alphabet Investor Relation

Hence, wasting no time, Youtube brought AI-based music Ad solutions for advertisers to attract Gen Z.

AI-Based Music Ad Solution for Gen Z

YouTube has come up with two new ways for advertising to reach Gen Z viewers through music ads:

Gen Z Music and  Trending Music on Shorts.

With these options, brands can get closer to the music Gen Z likes, from new artists like Bad Bunny, Doechii, and Rosala to old hits by Cyndi Lauper and new underground gems.

The AI-powered signs on YouTube are used by the Gen Z Music package to find songs that are popular with Gen Z users.

The package comes in both long-form and audio forms, so brands can match their ads to the music that Gen Z users enjoy.

Advertisers can connect with Gen Z in a meaningful way by putting their ads around the music that they listen to over and over again.

When the Trending Music on Shorts test starts in the coming months, it will give advertising another chance to reach Gen Z.

“From Shorts to longer-form content, YouTube is the only platform where viewers can discover trending new music, listen to full songs, and join music trends all in one place. In fact, 59% of Gen Z (18-24) agree that they use short-form video apps to discover things that they can watch longer versions of, according to Ipsos.” mentioned Google.

The recent trend of Gen Z fans using Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers” as background music for self-love-themed Shorts, which got millions of views, shows that music trends and challenges on Shorts can go viral easily.

Even the Alphabet Earning Call suggests that YouTube Shorts are doing immensely well in stabilizing the platform’s earnings amid its downfall.

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