Vimeo Integrates AI to Make Video Editing Easier

By Vidhi Narula
Published on June 20, 2023

The advent of Artificial Intelligence has spread its reach and seeped into every possible professional field. To this effect, the video editing platform, Vimeo, strived to make the most of it.

Vimeo has introduced a suite of AI-powered tools to help video creators effortlessly create content for their profiles. From amateurs to professional users, these tools will aid everyone in making their videos seamless.

The new additions, as mentioned in Vimeo’s press release, are set to automate and assist existing features by increasing their utility and making the platform more efficient in terms of creating and editing videos.

Saving man hours and precious time, Vimeo aspires to be a useful space for a creator of any caliber to use the platform and improve their videos. To this effect, the new features are a welcome improvement.

New AI Features in Vimeo

The latest features include a script generator like TikTok did recently. This will allow users to give a prompt with tone and duration to get AI-generated scripts that can be converted into videos.

Moreover, the process of actually shooting the video will also receive an upgrade with the addition of a teleprompter. Giving users the full professional studio experience, Vimeo has really upped its game and consolidated its place as one of the best video marketing tools.

The pace and format of the teleprompter will be editable for users to customize as per their preference.

Targeting every aspect of creating a video from start to end, Vimeo has another attribute to assist the post-production process as well.

Users will be empowered with the feature to edit their videos in textual format. The text-based editor will save time and let users erase unnecessary words and pauses seamlessly.

AI Features Launch Date

The exciting new features are set to be available from July onwards on the Vimeo platform. They will be included in the Standard/Pro subscription plan.

Whether it is a business or a personal user, everyone will benefit from these features as the subsequent videos will be better optimized for viewers and align with the current trends.

Vimeo’s Press Release for AI Features

New-age companies like Vimeo have been spearheading the revolution of adopting generative AI in their businesses. They are gradually realizing the importance of this new technology and choosing to get on the trendy bandwagon.

Vimeo’s research shows that 80 percent of people prefer videos over written text, yet most people are uncomfortable creating videos themselves and lack the skills, time, or resources to effectively create and edit videos. Its latest AI-powered features eliminate these barriers by generating a polished script in seconds, the opportunity to be more natural in front of the camera with a customizable teleprompter, and the ability to remove any unwanted moments from their videos in just a few clicks.

Vimeo Press Release

The video experience platform also mentions the various accessibility-related benefits of AI that can make video editing a simple process for everyone.

Furthermore, Vimeo seems to just be on the surface with its inclusions at the moment. They have more features in store which are presumed to be released gradually.

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