Top Creators Quitting MrBeast’s Creator League Over NFT Concerns

By Avinandan Banerjee
Published on September 4, 2023
A picture of Mr Beast, with the eiffeltower in the background, and some small buildings and trees situated far away, with the text - creator league written at top right

Popular YouTuber MrBeast announced an esports program called Creator League on Saturday, with eight famous online creators onboard.

Although much excitement had followed after the announcement, some creators are now willing to withdraw from the event altogether.

This sudden change took place after it was revealed that there are NFTs involved in the program.

MrBeast Launches the Creator League

On Saturday, MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson announced the launch of Creator League in a video named ‘Lamborghini Vs Shredder.’

Creator League is an online tournament based on the game Fortnite, with a prize pool of $200,000 comprising eight popular online personalities in the gaming entertainment industry such as OTK, Clix, CDawgVA, Sapnap, iShowSpeed, and others.

Although MrBeast is an affiliate in the program, he is not taking part in the tournament.

To take part in the tournament, individuals will have to purchase a pass for $19.99, choose a creator, and join his/her community of fans and supporters.

Pass holders will be able to vote on important decisions in the tournament and even claim a portion of the prize money if their chosen creator manages to win.

Rift Over Involving Blockchain and NFTs

Although there was some excitement when the tournament was launched, it was soon revealed that these tournament passes are actually NFTs.

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens that are empowered by blockchain technology and serve as proof of ownership on a particular blockchain network.

NFTs gained immense popularity back in 2021 when some of the NFT collectibles were selling for millions of dollars.

However, as the Web3 economy took a huge nosedive following the crypto winter in 2022, the NFT market suffered a massive downturn and eventually gained a bad reputation as a risky investment.

The fact that these passes were NFTs and that the project involved blockchain technology has not been mentioned anywhere on the official website of the Creator League.

Even MrBeast has not mentioned anything about involving NFTs in the tournament, it is only while purchasing the pass you realize that it’s in fact, an NFT.

However, many have found this to be misleading and some of the creators have decided to quit the tournament for good.

CDawgVA Has Backed Out And Others May Follow Suit

CDawgVA, who is a popular gaming personality with over a million followers on the streaming platform Twitch, was among the eight creators chosen for this tournament.

CDawgVA in a recent post mentioned that he was unaware of the fact that the project had anything to do with NFTs or blockchain for that matter.

He went on to add that he personally has a strong aversion towards blockchain and NFTs in general and since he had decided to bail out from the tournament.

He apologized for promoting this to his fans and admitted that it had been a mistake on his part.

Another famous participant and Twitch personality, Tips Out, who also owns One True King or OTK mentioned in a latest post on X that he too was uninformed about the project dealing with NFTs.

He stated that he was surprised when he found out about the fact that the tournament had blockchain implications and it was evident that he was not happy about it.

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