TikTok to Launch ‘AR Effect House’ After a Year in Development

By Avinandan Banerjee
Published on August 31, 2023
someone's hand holding a mobile at the center, with the tiktok's interface on it, and multiple other mobiles in the background with TikTok's interfaces inside them

After a year in development, TikTok is finally set to launch the much-awaited advanced version of their Effect House for content creators for a year.

This comes as a big update from TikTok, which has made significant strides in the Augmented Reality (AR) industry.

What is the Effect House?

TikTok launched the first iteration of the Effect House a year back in April 2022. 

It is a platform where creators can leverage Augmented Reality (AR) to create community effects that can be used by creators on the platform, much like that of Snapchat or Meta. 

The interface provides creators with a host of tools to create a diverse range of AR effects and even track their performance through a broad range of metrics.

The Advanced Version Is Out Of Beta Phase

The Effect House started its journey as an in-app feature, but soon expanded into a separate platform of its own, offering more specific tools and services for creators and reaching a wider audience.

According to TikTok, effects created in the Effect House inspired over a staggering 21 billion videos since its launch in 2021.

This is why people have been eagerly waiting for them to launch the advanced version, which has successfully completed its Beta testing phase.

A Host Of New Offerings

The previous version of the Effect House offered an amazing experience for creators where they could create almost everything they wanted, including AR apparel testing, creating fantastical worlds, and other in-game experiences

The new version doubles down on those effects with the introduction of more than 20 new tools with amazing implications for creators.

The new version of Effect House will contain tools such as User Media Texture, Asset Library, Material Editor, Art Maker and Asset Studio, Generative Effects, Visual Scripting Nodes, and so much more.

On top of that, TikTok has also arranged for new monetizing policies for the Effects creators, with lucrative reward programs under its belt such as the Creator Rewards Program of $6 million.

The platform will also provide features like Creator Support and Effects Analytics so that creators can track the performance of their creations on a regular basis.

An All-Round Platform For Creators

One of the best features of Effect House is that it not only serves as a platform for creators but for learners as well.

One of the best features of Effect House is that it also acts as a platform where users can access a bunch of tutorials and learning materials through which they can build the necessary skills to become an Effects Creator.

Anyone on the platform can leverage this educational content learn these highly in-demand skills and make a career out of it.

Overall, the much-awaited TikTok Effect House is anticipated to have a broader impact on the market than its previous version.

The platform understands the future of AR applications in our daily lives and probably that is the reason they have created a separate platform to integrate and build on future developments.

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