Threads App Testing Out their New Keyword Search Feature

By Avinandan Banerjee
Published on September 1, 2023
a graphic with instagram themed background of vertical purple-pink-orange gradient, with the word threads written on it in a stylish curvy way and two mobile phone mockups side to side on top, with the threads app interface on it

In the latest update, Meta announced that their Instagram Threads app is launching a new ‘Keyword Search’ functionality while the company is conducting some preliminary tests.

Instagram has been working on rolling out new features for its users and it is important they do it since other popular social media apps are not sitting idle either.

The latest post from Mark Zuckerberg, and also Adam Mosseri in a recent post confirmed the launch of the new keyword search functionality.

Previously the search option on the Threads app was used to display profiles of other users on the app.

This new feature has been extended to incorporate posts containing a specific keyword as well.

Only a week before, Meta had announced the Web version of the Threads app owing to popular demand from users.

Although Threads saw a huge uproar from users when the app was launched initially, user engagement on the application saw a significant downturn over the next weeks.

Since Threads is a competitor app to Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) and X is constantly adding new features to their platform, many believe that Meta was quick to roll out this feature to stay relevant in the competition.

Hopefully, it will help the company retain the users on the platform, while there is a demand for an alternative to Twitter and Meta wants to make the most of this opportunity.

Instagram has been rolling out new features over the last few weeks as well and Threads will not be an exception.

Although the new feature is at its basic at the moment, Meta has stated that they will be adding new features eventually and expanding the functionality of the app.

He also stated that the feature will be accessible to residents of Australia and New Zealand for now, but over the next few weeks, it will be available in other countries and multiple languages as well.

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