Ryan Trahan’s Goal Is To Collect $100,000 For The New Penny Challenge

By Shreya Jha
Published on June 29, 2023

Popular YouTuber Ryan Trahan has revealed the highly anticipated second installment of the Penny Challenge.

In the first Penny Challenge, Ryan earned approximately $1,172,722 (before YouTube’s share), and the Penny series raised $1.4 million for charity in just one month.

As a result, 14 million meals were donated to families in need.

Trahan gained significant popularity by introducing the “Penny Challenge” in June 2022. 

The challenge involved raising funds starting from just a single penny, with the aim of traveling from California to MrBeast in North Carolina.

Ryan successfully completed the challenge, delivering the penny to MrBeast and raising over a million dollars for the nonprofit organization Feeding America.

Excitingly, Ryan has recently announced a new Penny Challenge through a mysterious tweet, scheduled to begin on July 1.

Ryan Trahan Is Supporting Water.org To Collect $100,000

This time, Ryan has chosen Water.org and aims to collect $100,000 to provide clean water access for 20,000 needy people.

The challenge follows Trahan’s previous successful venture in 2023, where he traveled across the United States with just one penny. 

He documented his journey to deliver the penny to MrBeast while raising $1.4 million for Feeding America. Through this, he was able to donate 14 million meals.

The inspiration for the challenge came from a discussion with MrBeast, who mentioned the diminishing value of pennies. 

Motivated by this, Trahan jumped on his cross-country adventure. He tried every possible way, from trading to bartering, and negotiating, until he reached his goal in North Carolina.

Now, for the new challenge, Trahan has introduced different donation incentives. 

So, he’s collecting money from the donors, and those contributing $1,000 will have their names displayed on the video’s end screen, while those donating $5,000 will receive a verbal thank-you. 

A $50,000 donation activates “The Great Reset,” resetting Trahan’s progress to his original penny.

For an additional dollar ($50,001), donors can grant Trahan 24-hour invincibility from the reset. 

At the highest donation tier of $100,000, the donor receives an “ad read” opportunity, where Trahan shares a promotional message during the video series.

In his announcement, Trahan encouraged his followers to spread the word.

He also tagged brands and individuals to join the challenge. 

Despite acknowledging the upcoming challenges, he remains optimistic about reaching the $100,000 goal.

The project has already raised over $35,000 at the time of writing, even before the challenge has begun.

Following the challenge, Trahan recently posted a video on Twitter yesterday, writing, “Here we go again.”

To which MrBeast commented by adding a laughing emoji: “If I donate $100k do I get to reset you and have the plug? Also is there a limit to how many times I can do it?”

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