New Creator Partnership Management Dashboard Launched By impact.com

By Vidhi Narula
Published on July 12, 2023

impact.com, a leading partnership management platform, has announced the launch of impact.com/creator, a new influencer marketing platform that revolutionizes how advertisers and creators collaborate. 

The platform enables brands to discover, create, manage, and scale influencer marketing programs seamlessly, all within a single interface. 

This technology simplifies the user experience for both brands and creators, addressing their shared pain points in the industry.

With the creator economy estimated to be a multi-billion dollar market, marketers and creators alike face challenges in finding the right partners and establishing long-term brand collaborations. 

We recognize that marketers require innovative technology to stay ahead of developments within the fast-paced creator economy, which is why we’ve created an industry-first creator partnerships management platform. Creators are a critical and expanding part of our industry, and with impact.com / creator, we are enabling clients not only to scale these partnerships, which is notoriously difficult, but also to help establish longer-term relationships. But first, brands must know what’s working, and tracking and performance insights are where impact.com has been leading the market for some time.

David A. Yovanno, CEO at impact.com

Benefits of impact.com/creator

To address these issues, impact.com/creator brings creators and brands together on a single platform, facilitating new partnerships, contract management, payment processing, and performance optimization.

The platform functions as a marketplace, allowing brands to find partners based on various criteria such as location, social platform, follower size, and vertical. In the near future, AI-based recommendations will enhance the matching process. 

At the same time, creators can actively seek out brand collaborations, empowering both parties to efficiently collaborate and monitor performance within a user-friendly interface.

One standout feature is the ability for brands to drive optimal customer journeys from awareness to conversion, all from a single login and integrated interface. 

Creators can be paid using numerous means, such as CPA, commission, flat fees, or combinations of these. For creators, impact.com’s platform provides a flexible and scalable payment system, allowing them to receive faster payouts.

Brands and creators using impact.com/creator will benefit from end-to-end campaign management tools, transparent tracking and reporting, detailed performance insights, and streamlined content management. 

The platform also offers an enterprise solution, the Branded Creator Portal, for fully customizable collaboration with influencers and creators.

Future of impact.com

impact.com/creator has received positive feedback from content creators and industry professionals, acknowledging its ability to foster meaningful partnerships while providing valuable analytics and negotiation options. 

With these new capabilities, impact.com solidifies its position as a comprehensive partnership suite, facilitating efficient workflows and empowering teams to track progress and key performance indicators across the entire marketing funnel.

The future of influencer marketing lies in platforms like impact.com/creator, where the worlds of influencers and affiliates merge, bringing unprecedented opportunities for collaboration and growth in the industry.

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