Monetizing Content Just Got Easier for YouTube Creators

By Avinandan Banerjee
Published on August 31, 2023
graphic with the youtube's logo in the background, featuring someone's hand with phone in landscape mode, with YouTube settings on the screen

YouTube made remarkable progress when it comes to social media and the creator economy in the last few years.

The social media platform has not only lowered the stakes for content creators to monetize their content on the platform but has made some other notable changes as well.

One of them is the introduction of the Comparative Analytics feature, which allows creators to make well-informed decisions and plan their videos better.

Earlier updates regarding user violations of their community guidelines were released with the premise that YouTube will lift violation warnings off creators if they attend an educational course and they have more good news for Creators.

Easier Access To Monetization

YouTube has made a number of changes this year which had a significant impact on the millions of creators on the platform and also those who are willing to join.

One of the biggest updates was lowering the stakes to access monetization on the channel and YouTube has now lowered the entry barriers for content creators to turn on monetization.

While previously, the minimum standard was having 1,000 subscribers, YouTube lowered it to 500 subscribers, while making some other highlights that would benefit creators in a lot of ways.

Comparative Analytics Tool

One of the multiple changes that the social media platform has brought forth, is the Comparative Analytics feature.

This feature is now available in the advanced analytics section of YouTube Studio.

The Comparative Analytics feature serves as an excellent data analytics tool that helps creators analyze the performance of their videos based on certain specific metrics and compare them together over a single platform.

This feature will help creators analyze their content better and understand how and why viewers are responding to certain videos better than others.

This will allow them to make more informed decisions and reshape their content-making strategy for effective reach.

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