Mobile Users on Reddit Can Now Translate Posts into Other Languages

By Avinandan Banerjee
Published on September 12, 2023
graphic featuring reddit's logo's avatar dummy, and a person with a laptop sitting on sofa besides it, set against a textures orange background

Online community forum Reddit has increased multilingual support for mobile users by launching a new feature recently that will enable mobile users to translate posts into 8 different languages.

This update comes along with a few other changes on the platform.

As per the new announcement, these languages include English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and Swedish as mentioned in their official statement.

In order to translate a post, the user can simply tap the ‘Translate’ option on the upper left corner of the screen and choose the language in which the post will be translated.

two screenshot of reddit's mobile app interface, side to side, on the left featuring a post in english and on the right translating the same post into french
Translated post from French to English. Credits: Reddit

The developer community of Reddit informed that users can access this feature on their Android and iOS devices even if they are logged out on the internet.

This is a brilliant update on the platform as Reddit hosts around 1.66 billion users across the world who speak different languages which makes it one of the oldest and largest networks of communities.

This feature will foster better communication among millions of people who come from diverse cultural backgrounds and countries from all over the world.

Reddit has also made some changes in its Help Center, combining the Moderator Help Center and the Redittor Help Center to create a Unified Central Hub for all support and queries related to managing communities for moderators and managing Reddit accounts for users.

Slight changes have also been made to their Contact Us page to accommodate additional contact links for users and Several existing options are now unified under two new categories: Other reports and Intellectual Property requests.

These changes will help users communicate better with fellow users and manage their accounts and communities in an easier and more streamlined manner.

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