Meta Unveiled New Tools For Creators To Make More Money

By Shreya Jha
Published on February 27, 2023
Meta Unveiled New Tools For Creators To Make More Money

Meta offers new ways on Facebook and Instagram to give creators a new way to earn money. Meta invites creators worldwide to join their growing careers, connecting with peers and building a future together.

Facebook Expands its Professional Mode to All Creators 

Facebook is expanding its professional mode to all Facebook creators. This mode was introduced in December 2021, giving creators access to many professional tools previously that were only available through Facebook Pages.

Through this, professional users also gain access to subscriptions, which allows them to share content exclusively with subscribers on the platform. It also benefits the profile category, which displays the brand’s name under the profile of the creator. 

One of the chart-topping attributes of Facebook’s professional mode is its unique ‘Stars’ feature, which lets content creators earn money through reels, live, and trendy videos. 

Meta’s Professional Dashboard also gives professional users a valuable audience, profile, and insights, making it easier to check performance across the platform.

All creators will get subscription access

The eligible creators (with over 10,000 followers or 250+ Return Viewers and one of the following in the last 60 days: 50,000 Post Engagements. 180,000 watch minutes, as per Facebook) in the United States will have access to subscriptions on Instagram, which will help qualified creators earn potential income and connect with close followers from exclusive live videos and stories.

According to Meta, since launching subscriptions earlier this year, it has hired creators like Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse), Alan Chow (@alanchikinchow), and Skye Jackson (@skaijackson) to get closer to the busiest supporters using a subscription.

Instagram Creators Can Now Make and Sell NFTs

Meta has opened up revenue-making opportunities on the image-based platform. Instagram creators will soon be able to create NFT before selling directly to their fans on social media and outside of it. 

This update gives users access to the NFT-creating toolkit. Meta confirmed that it won’t take any percentage of the NFT revenue, meaning creators get to keep 100% of their earnings. Meta is currently testing the feature with a small group of US creators and planning to expand the accessibility in the future.

Stars and gifts

Meta Public Creator automatically enables stars on content, making it easy for users to search for stars on Facebook and Instagram reels. Users will be able to discover the use of stars in Facebook locations, as well. 

Meta is offering gifts on Instagram to enable a new method for creators to get paid by their viewers on the reels. Through this, fans can support their favorite content creators and send gifts to the reels by purchasing stars on Instagram. The company is testing the tool with an American creator and will introduce it to additional nations later.

Wrapping Up

Meta Platforms Inc. has always been known to help creators thrive in the industry. Meta is rolling out new ways to make money on various platforms, along with updates that allow creators to get paid faster. 

Meta monetization tools help content creators earn money at every stage of their content journey.

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