Meet Oddie Randa, The New Regional Managing Director of Gushcloud

By Vidhi Narula
Published on June 28, 2023

Known for building a cohesive influencer ecosystem to sustain the ever-expanding creator economy, Gushcloud International has been on a mission since 2013.

In recent news, the company has chosen a new regional managing director for Asia Pacific – Oddie Randa.

Randa’s Past Experience and Achievements

Randa has previously worked for the Indonesian office as the country director and devoted 10 years of his professional career to Gushcloud.

Randa will supervise the income and profitability of Gushcloud’s brand agency division in the Asia Pacific area, serving a variety of brands and customers, in his capacity as regional managing director.

When Randa was working in Gushcloud Indonesia, he oversaw the office’s establishment in 2013 and worked on bolstering the company’s revenue by 10 times every year.

From a team of just 2 people, Randa expanded to a reliable group of 80 employees with a strong portfolio of clients across the world.

The agency’s growth and success across all key markets in the region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Australia, and China, will be greatly aided by his strategic approach and expertise in revenue generation, according to a statement from Gushcloud International.

Randa’s Responsibilities as Regional Managing Director

With his elevation, Randa will now be the country manager for every nation in the Asia Pacific area.

He will work with them to find and create new income prospects in the creator and influencer marketing sector.

Randa and I have worked together for close to a decade. His wisdom and charismatic leadership alongside his wealth of experience and deep understanding of digital marketing, creator economy, and business management have allowed him to rise to this position to assist us in managing a large region of the overall Gushcloud business.

Althea Lim, the Co-Founder and Gushcloud CEO to Marketing Interactive

Randa’s primary goal appears to be taking advantage of the global content company’s massive ecosystem of influencers and creators that can build mutually beneficial partnerships between brands and creators.

This will in turn increase the company’s revenue and spread Gushcloud’s presence in the world.

I am grateful for the trust that Gushcloud and Lim have put in me. The growth of the creator economy has yet to reach its peak in Asia Pacific and it is exciting to take the front seat in watching it unfold. It is also exciting as I take the captain seat to drive more growth for our stakeholders – our brand clients and influencer clients in the next upcoming years. I am looking forward to working closely with our clients and partners in the region to deliver exceptional results, forge new opportunities and grow newer businesses together.

Oddie Randa, Regional Managing Director – Asia Pacific

The information was released shortly after it was made known that the omnichannel social commerce platform Summer International had secured $5 million in seed funding from influential investors such as Gushcloud International, GDP Ventures, Teja Ventures, and Singaporean angel investors Koh Boon Hwee and Shirley Crystal Tan.

The additional money will be used to expand into more areas in order to create a bigger social and live commerce network. Additionally, it will help develop additional social brands and promote those new brands in more areas.

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