Instagram Maybe Experiment with Long-form 3-10-minute Reels

By Avinandan Banerjee
Published on August 31, 2023
graphic featuring two mobiles phones side to side with the instagram's reels editor opened in them, with a instagram themed, purplish-pinkish-orange gradient on the background

In a recent development, the Meta-owned social media app Instagram may be working on enabling 3-minute and 10-minute-long reels on their platform.

Allowing users to post long-form video content on Instagram will have an interesting impact on the social media landscape.

The news was leaked this Wednesday by developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi in a post he made on X.

The post shared a couple of screenshots that showed two Instagram pages, out of which one had the provision of making a 3-minute reel video while another had an option to a 10-minute reel.

However, the parent company Meta has not confirmed anything as yet.

What This Means For Users

Previously Instagram had the IGTV feature which enabled long-form content on the platform, but it was removed.

However, if Instagram is willing to bring it back in a new form, it would be more than welcome for IG users.

If this feature is made available for the masses, users will not have to adhere to any specific time duration and they can make their content in a more flexible manner.

Generally, creators have to rush in order to make a detailed video and in many cases, they create and urge viewers to watch a second part of a continuous series.

With the introduction of this new feature, creators can say goodbye to those worries.

Competing With YouTube & TikTok

Long-form video content is usually the trend nowadays.

If this feature is enabled on Instagram, it may give the platform a competitive edge over other social media giants like YouTube and TikTok, which already allows for long-form content.

Instagram has been working on new updates for quite some time.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram recently shared that the company is working on new updates.

One such update he mentioned is about a feature that will enable users to tag an entire group of people in a story by mentioning just one name among that group of people.

They are also working on establishing more privacy and security for the users.

In a recent announcement, Mosseri mentioned that users will not receive messages or pictures from any random person unless that person’s request is accepted by the user first.

With new updates and features, social media apps are trying to stay ahead of the competition.

For the users and creators out there, this is good news because that will help them explore more ways to market their content and reach a wider audience in the creator economy.

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