First UK, Then South Africa, And Now Dubai’s School Stated That Prime Drink Is Causing Health Issues Among Children

By Shreya Jha
Published on May 30, 2023

YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI released the Prime Hydration drink in January 2022.

Only in just one year, the drink had generated US$250 million (£209 million) in retail sales worldwide, with US$45 million in January 2023 alone.

There have been purchase waves nationwide in the UK, with stores selling out their restocks constantly. 

Since its launch, the Prime Hydration drink has gained popularity among teenagers, particularly in the UK.

And due to the limited availability of the product and the fame of the brand’s founders (KSI and Logan Paul), it went viral.

But recent bans and negative news about the drink have caused parents to doubt the consumption of the drink for their children.

Countries like the UK, Dubai, and South Africa have made statements that the drink is not suitable for those under 18. 

As per the latest reports, a student in the UK experienced a cardiac arrest after consuming Prime Energy.

According to various sources, the drink contains a high level of caffeine and has been linked to the child’s health problems.

In Milton Primary School, which is located on Hendre Farm Drive, a parent reported that their child had to undergo stomach pumping after consuming the drink, which contains 160mg of caffeine. 

So, it is now evident that Prime Energy may pose health risks to children, particularly when consumed excessively and without supervision.

According to Birmingham Live, the school is now alerting other parents about the same.

The message conveyed via Birmingham Live was:

“This morning a parent has reported that their child has had a cardiac episode over the weekend after drinking a Prime energy drink. The child had to have their stomach pumped and although better now the parent wanted us to share this as a reminder of the potential harmful effects.”

Also, a few days ago, a similar situation was seen in Dubai. 

Parents were warned by GEMS World Academy in Dubai not to let their kids consume Prime Energy since it could cause a number of health issues, such as “anxiety and even addiction.”

“I am writing to bring to your attention a matter of great concern that has recently come to our attention … We feel it is our responsibility to inform you about the potential dangers associated with [Prime],” Sahar Taheri, Director of PR & Communications at GEMS World Academy (GWA) said in a letter to parents.

In the letter, Taheri warned that:

“The excessive consumption of these drinks can lead to various health problems, including increased heart rate, high blood pressure, dehydration, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and even addiction.”

As a result, students will not be allowed to “buy or sell Prime or any other products on the Academy premises.”

This decision was taken as Prime Energy is “not suitable for people under the age of 18,” a fact that Taheri points out that it is even mentioned on Prime’s own website.

Authorities in South Africa are likewise concerned about Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME Hydration beverage and want it prohibited in educational institutions.

The National Association of School Governing Bodies (NASGB) believes that the drink can alter students’ behavior.

And parents should have more control over what their children bring to school.

Is The Prime Drink Really Not Safe?

According to Downtime Bros, Prime Hydration has no age restrictions because it doesn’t contain caffeine.

Prime Hydration beverages don’t have any particularly unhealthy ingredients, and they also have valuable vitamins and amino acids. 

They have a few calories as well.

But you should be aware that they include flavor enhancers, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners (such as acesulfame potassium and Sucralose).

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