Everything You Need To Know About Logan Paul and KSI’s Hydration Drink PRIME

By Shreya Jha
Published on May 3, 2023

Logan Paul and KSI, two popular YouTubers and social media personalities, own Prime Drink, a line of sports beverages.

The drink line, which debuted in 2022, provides athletes and fitness enthusiasts hydration and energy.

Sports, energy, and drink mix all bear the Prime label.

The sports drinks, named “hydration drinks” by the manufacturer, are made up of 10% coconut water and contain electrolytes, B vitamins, and BCAAs.

According to the manufacturers, this version of the product contains no added sugar or caffeine and has approximately 20 calories per bottle.

Like many other sugar-free drinks, it is sweetened with acesulfame potassium and sucralose.

The mission of PRIME is to fill the void where great taste meets function.

PRIME is the perfect boost for any endeavor, with bold, thirst-quenching flavors to help you refresh, replenish, and refuel.

Although Paul and KSI are the faces of the brand, the drink is manufactured and distributed by Congo Brands, a small company based in Louisville.

PRIME Flavors

In terms of flavors, Prime drinks come in a wide range of flavors to appeal to a wide range of palates.

The following is a list of all the flavors that are currently available on the brand’s official website:

Orange Mango
Lime Lemon
Ice Pop
Blue Raspberry
Tropical Punch
Meta Moon
Strawberry Watermelon

Is Prime a Healthy Drink?

A variety of vitamins and minerals are added to premium drinks.

This includes some B vitamins, which are required for energy metabolism, red blood cell formation, and nerve function in the body.

Prime Hydration also contains the antioxidants vitamins A and E and zinc.

The drink may be a good addition to your post-workout hydration plan because it contains many electrolytes and BCAAs, which can help with recovery.

But it is not an energy drink and should not be consumed on a daily basis due to the artificial sweetener.

Can it be consumed by children?

Prime Hydration has no age restrictions because it contains no caffeine, so children can consume it.

Cost of PRIME

A 12-pack costs £24.99 in the UK, while the same set costs $29.99 in the US and $1.99 for a single bottle.

How Much Logan Paul and KSI earned out of Prime?

PRIME is not solely owned by Paul and KSI. While Paul and his business partner, KSI, founded PRIME, they own only 20% of the company.

They do, however, endorse and promote the brand as their own.

Recently, during an appearance on Kyle and Jackie O’s radio show, the duo revealed that their company had made around $250 million in retail sales and $110 million internally since its inception in January 2022.

‘In year one, we cleared $250 million in retail sales and $110 million gross internally,’ Paul, 27, told The Kyle and Jackie O Show on KIIS FM.

Also, Logan Paul stated that the sales figure for last month alone was $40 million, which shows that figures are only rising.

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