Creators Guild of America Aims To Provide Shelter For Content Creators

By Avinandan Banerjee
Published on August 29, 2023
logo of creators guild of america, yellow background and the logo is a combination of semi circular shapes in black, and the text creators guild of america written below

The recent protests in Hollywood from screenwriters, actors, and creators from various departments have shown the reality of native content creators in the industry.

With the rise of new technologies and big corporations, these creators who work so hard to put their creative effort into an entire film or a series, often fail to secure ownership over their art and even fail to gain fair pay.

The situation is surprisingly similar for native online video content creators and to address this issue, Daniel Abas has created the Creators Guild of America or the CGA.

How Can The CGA Help Online Content Creators? 

Daniel Abas, the founder of CGA, understands the complexities of online content creation and he strongly believes that there should be more organized labor in the industry.

Keeping that vision in mind, he launched the CGA on August 24.

Although it may sound like a labor union, the CGA is actually committed to providing a host of services for online content creators.

The most important service or function of the CGA is to ensure a validated identity for creators working hard to make it in the creator economy.

The Guild establishes a platform where artists can create a certified record of their work which can be accessible to the public. 

This record will directly credit the artists for the work they have done and also act as a solid portfolio.

What Services Does CGA Provide?

The Creators Guild of America provides services to content creators through three distinct segments.

The Guild has established prerequisites for eligibility in either of the following segments. 

However, in order to qualify, one must obtain guild member sponsorship and fulfill at least two of the given requirements.

  • Media Members: This segment is for social influencers, media personalities, celebrities, and gamers. To qualify must be earning a minimum of $15,000 a month with at least 15,000 followers on social media.
  • Marketing Professionals: This category hosts services for marketing professionals like graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and others. These professionals must be actively employed while having a minimum of 5 creative credits to their name, 25,000 followers, or others.
  • Makers: This group consists of the founders, producers, and executives. The prerequisites include $100K per year in revenue, Github repo submissions, 5 confirmed creative credits, and more.

The Guild Member Sponsorship will cost $99 per annum

Creators Guild America’s Strong & Experienced Team

The CGA is not the first of its kind. 

The Internet Creators Guild or the ICG, led by Hank Green had similar ambitions but closed down in 2019 due to a shortage of funding.

To ensure a smooth flow of operations, founder Daniel Abas has chosen six-strong team members to govern the CGA Board. 

One of them is the legendary YouTuber Justine Ezarik, more popularly known as iJustine.

Other members include strong personalities such as Paige Kaplan, Nick Rizzuto, Rachel Karten, Phil Ranta, and others across the advisory board.

The Creators Guild of America or the CGA has come up with a noble vision indeed. 

Content creation is no easy task, and if the creators have to compromise every day to sustain themselves, then the whole process will be jeopardized.

These artists need better representation, protection, and safety, and CGA can do that pretty firmly if they can hold on to their vision and mission.

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