Content Creators are Driving GenZ Shopping

By Avinandan Banerjee
Published on August 23, 2023
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In an era dominated by social media and influencers, Gen Z consumers are redefining the way brands engage with their audiences. 

A recent Gen Z Shopper Study by LTK, the global manufacturing marketing platform, reveals an exciting shift in consumer behavior, revealing that the creators aren’t just influencers – they are playing a key role in redefining shopping patterns.

Influence of Creators On Gen Z 

The survey reveals that 75% of Gen Z consumers purchase products online based on creator recommendations.

This number is 21% higher than the general population, demonstrating the unique influence these content creators have on General Z’s purchasing choices.

77% of Gen Z consumers are also attracted by creators’ in-store shopping recommendations.

This clearly highlights the tremendous impact that creators have on both the digital and physical retail landscape.

Social Media Marketing Takes Precedence

According to a recent report, 79% of Gen Z’s shopping ideas stem from social media, the influence of creators is even more pronounced. 

Online creators have established themselves as the most trusted individuals on social platforms, surpassing social media advertising and celebrities in terms of credibility. 

This is an important revelation, highlighting that creator influence is 3.5 times more effective for Gen Z consumers than traditional social media ads.

Authenticity, Relatability & Personality Play a Key Role

What motivates Gen Z to follow these creators online? The answer lies in the authenticity, relatability, and personality these creators bring to the table. 

These attributes resonate deeply with Gen Z, creating the connection and trust that traditional advertising strives for. 

Micro-influencers Making a Huge Impact

Gen Z’s diverse lifestyles and unique interests have led to a search for connections with micro-influencers. 

Surprisingly, a study showed that micro-influencers with 10,000-100,000 followers prove just as effective as macro influencers with larger followings. 

This shift suggests that Gen Z wants real interaction and personalized recommendations that align with individual interests.

Trends shaping Gen Z’s shopping choices

The study examines the factors that guide Gen Z’s choice of brands. 

Trends, poor budgets, environmental impact, and support for resale companies are major factors to consider.

This multi-faceted approach to shopping reflects Gen Z’s conscious consumerism, where style and value are prioritized.

Creator-driven Confidence Post Purchase

Creator-guided shopping is not only limited to shopping. It also extends to post-purchase satisfaction. 

Nearly half of Gen Z consumers say they are more likely to purchase or return products after seeing their favorite creators provide in-depth information in their video content.

This trend shows how creators are not only enhancing the shopping experience but also the overall customer journey.

Evolution of Gen Z Consumer Trends 

Online content creators have simply shifted from influential advisors to trusted advisors, making purchasing decisions online and in physical shopping experiences. 

Authenticity, micro-influencers, social marketing, and conscious consumerism highlight the dynamic changes taking place in this influential demographic.

As we look ahead, it’s clear that these creators will continue to help shape the future of marketing, bridging the gap between brands and the Gen Z audience, and fostering new trends in shopping both online and offline.

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