Meta Introduces SeamlessM4T: AI Model For Speech and Text Translations

In an era defined by global connectivity, easy communication across languages ​​has never been more…

August 23, 2023
graphic featuring meta's logo and speech recognition bar at the bottom

US Judge Confirms that AI-Generated Content Cannot be Copyrighted

In a potentially landmark decision, a U.S. judge ruled that AI-powered products cannot be given…

August 22, 2023
ai robot painting the US flag on a canvas with a copyright stamp at the bottom right

How Safe Do You Think TikTok Shop Actually Is?

Most internet users out there know TikTok as one of the biggest social media platforms…

August 17, 2023
illustration featuring a shop interface referring to TikTok shop, in a mobile mockup, and a person looking like a mugger, behind

YouTube Enables Comment Filtering on its Mobile App

Back in 2019, social media giant YouTube came out with a fresh set of comment…

August 17, 2023
illustrations featuring YouTube app's mobile interface with a new option for comment filtering turned on

Brands on Twitter Would Lose ‘Golden Tick’ Without $1000/Month Ad Spend

The social media platform formerly known as Twitter, now referred to as X, is making…

July 28, 2023
a graphic containing a cut out image of elon musk with a horn speaker at the left and the logo of X aka twitter, on the right with a small red colored tag at the bottom right of the logo, with 50% written on it referring to 50% discount

Elon Musk’s Twitter Rebrand to ‘X’ Raises Trademark Concerns

As if the Threads vs Twitter battle was not enough, there is a new update…

July 28, 2023