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illustration featuring 4 kids, two boys and two girls, with a blue background and the world's map imprinted on it

Shifting News Consumption Pattern in the Age of Social Media

Our world is going through a quantum leap in terms of technology, and it has its impacts on multiple areas of our lives.  The rise of the internet, leading to…

August 30, 2023

Content Creators are Driving GenZ Shopping

In an era dominated by social media and influencers, Gen Z consumers are redefining the…

August 23, 2023
a graphic featuring a girl depicting GenZ, inside instagram interface mockup

How Podcast Producers Are Orchestrating the Podcasting Industry

Amid a wide range of podcasts taking place these days, where listeners are focused on…

August 22, 2023
illustration featuring a mic on top of a abstract interface of instagram like social media interface with icons of like, share, and common emotes

Twitch in Trouble As Streamers Switch to Kick & Rumble

Twitch, one of the biggest live streaming platforms in the world, is gradually losing its…

August 16, 2023
an illustration featuring the back of a man referring to streamers, with two roads in front of him, both the roads vanish at horizon in the graphic, at the left where the road ends there's the logo of twitch, and at the right there are logos of rumble and kick

Can TikTok Music Spell Disaster for Spotify and Other Music Streaming Apps?

After the news of Threads replicating Twitter’s UI to take advantage of the latter’s diminishing…

July 27, 2023
Screenshot of TikTok Music Screen on a Black and Orange Banner

From Mic to Market: Impact of Podcasts on Creators and the Creator Economy

The rise of the creator economy has provided new opportunities for individuals to leverage their…

July 21, 2023