Bridging Borders: Viral Nation_Talent Extends Complete Software and Services to Brazilian Creators

By Vidhi Narula
Published on July 7, 2023

Viral Nation, a prominent company specializing in social media marketing transformation, talent management, and technology, has announced the expansion of its comprehensive talent services to content creators in Brazil.

This move allows Brazilian creators to leverage Viral Nation_Talent’s diverse range of services, enabling them to enhance and diversify their content and personal brands.

According to Jonathan Chanti, the President and Chief Growth Officer of Viral Nation_Talent at Viral Nation, this expansion into the Brazilian market is a significant milestone for the company.

They have witnessed remarkable growth in the creator community and are dedicated to assisting creators in Brazil in reaching new heights and unlocking their full potential.

Brazilian Creators Leveraging Viral Nation

Having already collaborated successfully with renowned Brazilian content creators such as Julio Cocielo, Talitah Sampaio, and Leticia Gomes, Viral Nation_Talent’s unique suite of services will empower more creators to maximize their potential and thrive in the digital landscape.

Leticia Gomes, a beauty and fashion influencer based in Brazil, has expressed her positive experience working with Viral Nation_Talent, noting how they have played a pivotal role in her career, from securing partnerships with major brands to launching her makeup course.

She believes that Viral Nation_Talent’s unwavering support and dedication to content creators are essential for success in the field.

Given the strong presence of content creation in Brazil, Gomes is confident that the Brazilian creator community will warmly embrace Viral Nation_Talent’s expansion into the country.

Bridging Borders: Benefitting From North American Agents

Additionally, Brazilian creators will benefit from the unique advantage of collaborating with Viral Nation_Talent’s North American team of agents and strategic partners, connecting them with leading global brands and media companies.

The international agent team deeply understands the Brazilian creators’ language and culture, combining it with an extensive network of North American business contacts.

This may be Viral Nation_Talent’s first venture in providing its full range of services in an international market. Nonetheless, the agency has collaborated actively with Brazilian creators for several years.

Rapid Growth of Viral Nation Alongside Creators

Fabio Gonçalves, the Director of International Talent at Viral Nation, highlights the agency’s excitement to meet the growing demand for more extensive services that effectively support and amplify the careers of content creators in Brazil.

With the rapid growth of the Brazilian creator community and its highly engaged audiences, Viral Nation_Talent aims to satisfy these needs and contribute to the success and innovation of content creators in the region.

Impact on Creator Industry

Viral Nation_Talent’s expansion into Brazil is a testament to the agency’s dedication to providing global support for creators and cultivating partnerships that fuel success in the creator industry.

With their extensive range of services customized to cater to the specific requirements of creators, Viral Nation_Talent is committed to empowering Brazilian talent and amplifying their impact worldwide.

The agency aims to equip creators with the tools and resources they need to thrive, establishing themselves as influential figures in the global creative landscape.

Through their unparalleled suite of services, Viral Nation_Talent strives to elevate Brazilian talent, enabling them to make a significant mark on the global stage.

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